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Questions about Proud & Pretty in Pink....
Q:  What makes this program different from other sex education and female mentoring programs?
A:  Proud & Pretty in Pink is unique because it combines education of three very important topics.  Every type of teenage experience is talked about.  The lessons are not limited to STD's and brief introductions on birth control.  Proud & Pretty fully informs the student about all aspects of sexual health, teaches them how to look in the mirror and feel good, and helps them build from a steady foundation of image, esteem and education. Our relationship and outreach with the girls never ends.  They belong to our community for as long as they choose.  There is support, encouragement and fun involved with everything we do.

Q:  Is Proud & Pretty in Pink for girls of any age?

A:   Proud & Pretty in Pink offers programs for girls 12-20 years old.  Each girl is provided with information based on her age.  All information, activities and demonstrations are age appropriate. 

Q:  Can you do a program without the Sex Education?

A:  We can customized our programs and workshops to accommodate what the client is looking for.  We do many programs that focus strictly on body image and self esteem.  We work with teams of girls on team building, self-esteem of the individual girl and the team, how body image can affect performance, etc.  We are happy to discuss anything you have in mind.

Q:  What topics does Proud & Pretty in Pink cover?

A: Our programs and workshops can be customized if requested. We make sure that all girls receive age-appropriate and medically accurate information.

- Self-Esteem Building
- Positive & Negative Effects
- Positive Self Talk
- Helping the Self-Esteem of others
- Friendship & your Self-Esteem
Body Image
- Media & Body Image
- Hereditary Influences on the Body
- Exercise and Healthy Eating
- Eating Disorders
- Achieving a healthy and accurate body image
Sexual Health
- Relationships (Friendships, attraction, affection)
- Menstruation and Young Adulthood
- Anatomy and Reproduction Cycle
- Masturbation
- Waiting for Intercourse
- How to talk to parents about sex
- How to make responsible sexual decisions based on individual values
- How to talk to partner about sexual activity or abstinence
- Dealing with peer pressure and sex
- Laws related to sexual behavior in minors including Sexting
- Dealing with emotional issues & consequence of being sexually active
- Teen Pregnancy
- California’s Safe Surrendered Baby Law
- Abortion
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Rates among Teens
- HIV and AIDS (short term and long term effects)
- Birth Control Options and How to Use
- Reliable & Unreliable Information