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“Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times girls hear how beautiful they are or that they're good enough.  We have to inspire the self hate out of them.  We have to open their eyes and impact their minds.  We are prepared to do just that.”

We want all girls to be educated, inspired and empowered! 
Whats New with PPP?

FREE Body Image - Dance Workshop  Thanks to some great people we are able to offer this workshop for free!  We are asking that the girls give a donation of whatever they can so we can continue to offer great workshops like this for girls all over California.  Please RSVP to if you want to attend this workshop.

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What is Proud & Pretty in Pink?
Body Image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Health Education.The question is answered by PPP founder Chelsie Prince! Find out a little more info on Proud & Pretty in Pink.www.proudandprettyinpink.cominf...