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“Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times girls hear how beautiful they are or that they're good enough.  We have to inspire the self hate out of them.  We have to open their eyes and impact their minds.  We are prepared to do just that.”

We want all girls to be educated, inspired and empowered! 
Whats New with PPP?

We are an official 501c3 Non Profit Organization!
looking After months of waiting, we received the letter in the mail stating that we are now tax exempt under 501c3.  We are so excited to get started and offer so many girls the opportunity to get to know PPP and all the benefits that come with it.  If you want to donate to help girls become more educated about their body image, self esteem and sexual health please click HERE.  Every donor will receive a gift and personalized letter from us.

Proud and Pretty Ambassadors WANTED!
We are looking for more Proud&Pretty Ambassadors to join the PPP Team! We'd love to meet the social media lovers, bloggers, admirers of pretty things and beautiful words who also love to empower and inspire others. Help us spread the word about Proud & Pretty in Pink. Write for us, inspire with us and represent PPP! Click HERE to fill out the short application.

Networking and Empowerment Event
We are planning an awesome event that will take place next year.  It will be a day that women and girls come together to build each other up, learn from experiences and share quality time that is positive, educational and fun!  Stay up to date with PPP on Twitter, FB and Instagram for all the latest news on events and weekly inspiration. 


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What is Proud & Pretty in Pink?
Body Image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Health Education.The question is answered by PPP founder Chelsie Prince! Find out a little more info on Proud & Pretty in Pink.www.proudandprettyinpink.cominf...